390th Bomb Group Bottle Breacher

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Impress your friends or get the conversation started at your next get together with this classic World War II bottle opener. This bottle opener is made from authentic, recycled, once fired, & decommissioned .50 caliber ammunition. The bottle opener is dressed in a timeless, high polished, black finish. The engraving is done in gold, offsetting the classy, black background, and pays tribute to the B-17's that flew in WWII from 1939-1945, as pictured in mid-flight, dropping bombs on this opener. This limited edition bottle opener has so much class and style that it even comes with it's own, WWII engraved, wooden box. The lid slides off for easy handling and the box measures 8" long by 2" tall by 2.5" wide. Each box contains a foam bed and foam blanket for bottle opener protection.